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DTH Rock Drilling Rig

351 Crawler Pneumatic Drilling rig


351 Crawler Pneumatic Drilling rig





351 Crawler pneumatic drill rig (down-hole drill rig with high blast pressure) totally utilizes compressed air as its power. It is equipped with pneumatic motor with high power, the heavy-duty hydraulic drill arm and the key parts are all imported, which guarantee the reliable quality of the drill, especially realize much less energy consumption of rolling fraction than that of sliding fraction and make the wear of sliding framework be lower.
351 crawler pneumatic drill rig is mainly used in stonework drilling, such as water and electricity project, exploitation of open mine and road construction 




Main Technical Parameters   
Working air pressure 1.05-2.46MPa
Drilling diameter Φ105-Φ165mm
The highest drilling level 3.38m
Grade ability 35°
Length of propulsion for once 3.66m
Speed of turn-around machine 0-72rpm
Propulsion 13620N
Elevation angle of sliding framework (degree) 180
Swing angle of sliding framework (degree) 50 toward left and 35 toward right
Swing angle of drill arm (degree) 45 toward right and left
Elevation angle of drill arm (degree) 60 horizontally up and 19 down
Moving motor power 8.8*2kw
Propulsion motor power 3.36kw
Turn-around motor power 18.34kw
Turn-around torque 2510N.M
Outer size (length*width*height) 2780*2210*1470mm
Weight 5000kg
Air consumption 17-21 m³/min
Common impacter model DH4 QL40 DHD340 DHD340ADHD 350Q DHD360
Dust removal mode Wet type or dry type (equipped additionally)