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DTH Rock Drilling Rig

358H Down Hole Drilling Rig


358H Down Hole Drilling Rig




358H/358D crawler hydraulic down-hole drill rig adopts diesel motor (electric motor). Hydraulic oil pump unit offers power to hydraulic motor moving, turn-around, propulsion and lifting, and angle orientation of oil cylinder, etc, when drill is working, only the down-hole hammer consumes the compressed air, compared with whole-pneumatic drills, the consumption of energy(fuel or electricity) is saved by 40% to 50%

358HDcrawler hydraulic down-hole drill rig is mainly used in stonework drilling, such as water and electricity project, exploitation of open mine and road construction.



Main Technical Parameter
Drilling diameter Φ90-Φ160mm
Drilling depth 40m
The highest drilling level 3.37m
Pipe-rod changing length 3m
Working air pressure 0.7-2.4MPa
Air consumption 11.3m³/min(1.14MPa)for pore diameter≦Φ115
13m³/min(1.4MPa)for pore diameter ≦Φ140
17m³/min(1.4MPa)for pore diameter ≦Φ165
21m³/min(2.4MPa)for pore diameter ≦Φ165
Moving speed 2km/h
Grade ability 24°
Power (Diesel drive or electric drive) internal combustion 56KW (Yuchai Brand, Cummins is optional) electric motor 30KW
Outer size(length*width*height) 6900*2200*2200mm(transportation state)
Weight 6100 kg