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Direct & Reverse Circulation P

GL-II ZF Direct & Reverse Circulation Trailer Mounted Drill Rig


GL-II ZF Direct & Reverse Circulation Trailer Mounted Drill Rig


Main features and applications:

 Drilling wells for urban and rural life

Drilling wells for agricultural irrigation and industries
 Drilling construction engineering holes, piling
◆ Drilling geothermal pump wells
◆ Exploration drilling and geological survey

● This type of drill rig is direct and reverse circulation drilling rig.It can move place to place by mounting a trailer or truck chassis, which makes more convenient for construction work. Equipped with hydraulic up-down mast, making it easier for mast up and down.
● Diesel engine is standard configuration for this drill rig. It can be also driven with three-phase AC generator as for clients’ requirement. It can be driven not only through diesel engine, but also by external electric power,which fully achieve “ diesel engine and electric motor dual use” dual power drilling work.
● We have patent for our drill head,independent design and manufacture, enjoy the intellectual property rights. The main components such as hoist, gear box, tower and chassis are independent R & D and production of our factory. This model is a mature product of our factory for many years of painstaking development, stable and reliable performance, praised by customers at home and abroad.
● This model can be used for mud drilling and air drilling method,which is suitable for clay layer,sand and rock drilling.
● Big torque, large lifting force, strong power,easy operation,convenient on-loading drill pipe, high efficiency,it is the best choice for users.

Main specification

Hole Diameter:( mm)  90-1200
Hole Depth:(m)  300
Run of Rod(m)  3-6
Drill Rod Diameter(mm)  ф73,ф89,ф95,ф133
Drill Technology  Mud direct &reverse circulation,Air reverse circulation
Down the Hole Hammers  Middle-high-pressure air
Drill Head Inside Diameter(mm)  ф60,ф80, ф120
Drill head lifting speed (m/s)  0.37, 0.16
Drill head lifting force(t) 18
Drill head spin speed(r/min) A(Forward:14-23-52-84,Reverse:8-13-29-47)
Main hoist lifting force(t)  3
Pressure capacity(t) 2
Dimensions(mm) Working conditions: 6900*2100*9050
Transport status:9300*2100*3160
Chassis support form  Mechanical spiral
Mast up-down  Hydraulic Unit
Rig mass(kg)  4500
Chassis  Four wheel tractor chassis
The form of power machine  Diesel engine
Power(kW)  49
Mud pump  LBN-20 direct and reverse ciculation mud pump
Flow(m3/h)  80