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Direct & Reverse Circulation P

GL-III ZF Direct & Reverse Circulation Trailer Mounted Drill Rig

GL-III ZF Direct & Reverse Circulation Trailer Mounted Drill Rig


Main Specification
Hole Diameter:( mm 250-1500
Hole Depth:(m) 50-300
Drill Rod Diameter(mm) ф168adjustable ф89,ф95,ф133)
Drill Technology mud circulation( Instantly switch)
Down the Hole Hammers middle-high-pressure air
power head lifting force(kN) 180
power head lifting speed (m/s) 0.12
dril head spin speed(r/min) forward: I 13,II 21,III 48,IV 78
Reverse: I 7, II 12,III27,IV 44
Main hoist lifting force(kN) 30
Pressure capacity(kN 0-15
dimensions(mm) Working conditions: 9350*3000*8550
transport status:9900*2200*3450
chassis support form Hydraulic Unit
mast up-down Hydraulic Unit
rig mass(kg) 7600
chassis four wheel tractor chassis( car chassis,Tracked chassis)
the form of power machine electrical machinery( mechanical and electrical double distribution)
power(kW) 64
mud pump top suctuon sand pump
Flow(m3/h) 320