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Rotary Drill Rig

YTR230D Rotary Drilling Rig

YTR230D Rotary Drilling Rig


YTR230D is a medium sized auger drill which is introduced by our company.Its configuration and structure form can meet the clay layer, gravel layer, gravel layer and weathered mudstone layer, and it is equipped with a hammer function, which can efficiently drill into weak weathered rock layer.

Rotation of the YTR230D drill isdeveloped by therotary drilling rig chassis, equipped with the German man technology mechanical injection turbocharged engine, the enginepower of large reserves, the hydraulic system with negative flow control, constant power control, ultra vires of electrical power control and load sensing control, load and the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump and engine, matching, reduce the power loss of the engine, hydraulic system equipment and engine running under the state of high

efficiency, greatly reducing fuel consumption. Compared to the same model to save the 15%-20% fuel consumption.

YTR230D bucket chassis rotary drilling rig equipped with the main pump, the main valve, auxiliary valve, reducer general degree of high degree of general, the supply of spare parts, low prices, short cycle, complete the supply of spare parts, the supply of "rare, expensive, slow" problem.

Main technical parameters of YTR230D
maximum drilling diameter mm 2000
maximum drilling depth m 68
Engine Model DE12TIA
Manufacturer Doosan
Equippedwith power kW 230
Power head Maximum output torque kN.m 230
drilling speed r/min 7~35
pressure cylinder Maximum pressure kN 215
Maximum lifting force kN 230
pressure stroke mm 5330
The main hoist elevating Power kN 240
Maximum lifting speed m/min 65
wire rope diameter mm 28
place position Postposition
chassis chassis DX380
track shoe width mm 800
traction kN 410
chassis length(tread) mm 4950
external dimension working condition device width mm 4300
working condition device height mm 22420
transport status equipment length mm 16070
transport status equipment height mm 3575
transport status equipment width mm 3300
drill pipe diameter mm 440
weight working condition t 77
transport condition t 65